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Move to digital needs simpler IT


There is a myth that if an organisation begins takes steps to use digital technologies, the problem of IT complexity will resolve itself.
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Three reasons to choose cellular out-of-band management


Ensuring uptime and system availability are primary goals for the IT department of all organisations.However, guaranteeing optimal infrastructure performance is far from easy considering the many issues that system administrators face in a given day or week, especially when systems are in remote locations.
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Security inside out. Sven Radavics – General Manager APAC, Imation Mobile Security


Summer is here and there will undoubtedly be an increase in the number of people taking time off to holiday. There will of course be the familiar rush to complete work projects in time to ensure we make the most of our time off.
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Why tech should give back – Dr. Raji Ambikairajah


Amazon, Google, eBay and Facebook. Household names and some of the most disruptive technology businesses of their time. Everyone in the ICT industry has a wealth of knowledge on the technology behind these organisations, but how much do you know about their giving? And does it even matter?
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No matter how you shuffle the IT Vendor deck, the same cards stay up top

The Big Four vendors of most relevance in the IT marketplace will continue to be Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and Google for the foreseeable future. Let me explain why…
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When crafting your API Strategy put design first


Opening up services with an API is more than an engineering project. For most, it’s a new way of thinking about their business. If you’re not designing your API to delight your consumers - in this case, your developer community and even your own team - you’re setting yourself up for failure.
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Veterans of the IT Industry celebrate a 21 year lunch

There are few things that stay unchanged in the fast moving computer industry. But a luncheon that has lasted 21 years must be one of them.
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Why IdM (done right) is a no-brainer: Centrify Regional Manager for ANZ India Derek Morwood


For the latest proof that passwords are passé, just look at the 4Chan nude celebrity photo uproar. Allegedly hacked from online storage services such as iCloud, intimate photos of stars including actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton were posted anonymously on the 4Chan website.
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Laurent Dedenis, President of International Operations, Acronis


The Acronis offering has evolved from a strong pedigree in traditional backup and recovery solutions. With a presence in all five continents, we are now leading the way with next generation data access and data protection - across all environments and any location.
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The evolution of digital data – Alec Gardner, General Manager Advanced Analytics, Teradata ANZ


Organisations are increasing the number and variety of channels through which they go to market with their products and solutions.
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BiG Day In comes to Newcastle


On Tuesday August 12th, the University of Newcastle came alive with university and school students learning about careers in information technology. Over 550 school students from around the region took part in an excursion to the Callaghan campus to explore the tech jobs of the future. Over 30% were female students.
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Cloud has come of age, but now it’s time to grow


While Cloud has been hailed as anything from the saviour of the industry to some New World for technology, when CIOs remove the rose-tinted glasses through which they’ve been viewing Software-as-a-service, they begin to realise that they’ve exchanged one set of problems for new ones.
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James Scollay, GM Business Division, MYOB