Guest Spot

In the Cloud, Size Does Matter! Jonathan Rubinsztein, CEO, UXC Red Rock Consulting


Rackspace’s recent travails, plunging share price and a failure to find a buyer indicate the Cloud market is entering a new chapter. With Cloud now sitting very comfortably in the mainstream of technology offerings, it is time perhaps for the next stage of this market’s development: consolidation.
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Five ways to build the right thing—Anthony Farr, Regional Vice President, Rally Software


Waterfall software development usually follows the same steps: software developers work in silos while executives frantically worry about beating competitors to market.
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Transform, or be trampled: Bjorn Schliebitz, CEO, PANTHA Corporation


You don't have to look very far to find examples of industries in which the fundamental ground rules they’ve been following for years are changing.
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The upside of Heartbleed, Derek Morwood, Regional Sales Manager, Centrify


The Heartbleed bug has generated a lot of catastrophic commentary and reverberating repercussions since it was publicly disclosed in April.
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XP withdrawal of support: Ty Miller, Threat Intelligence


The significance of XP is that it is so widely used and that so many companies are still running it, or are unable to actually move off it. This can be due to legacy software that isn't supported on the more modern operating systems, or that the project to move an entire organization or...
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Why are we taxing risk instead of rewarding it?


As the treasurer and his team put the final touches on the Federal Budget for next month, I’d like to add my voice to a growing chorus of business people calling for a very simple, easy and potentially wealth-creating amendment to the current tax framework.
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Forget big data, we need smart data – Jonathan Rubinsztein


It seems the IT industry has done it again. Too often in the past the Technology Sector has created a huge bandwagon onto which every marketeer in the industry has jumped without anyone scrutinising the actual value being proposed, or making the case with any depth. Pretty soon customers see through the...
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No votes in technology – Lou Richard


For about 30 years I have been saying “there are no votes in technology”. Various Government ministers have vowed to make a difference- and done zip. Generally and almost without exception since Minister Richard Alston in the Howard Government , Government has done little more than pay lip service to the technology industry.
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A forward-thinking economy: Why ICT businesses should help the innovators of tomorrow


Australia must stop obsessing about industries past their use-by date, says Richard White, CEO of WiseTech Global. Instead, it must seek to excel in new industries if it wants to secure a prosperous future and must educate and encourage the next generation set to lead it.
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CSR: Responsibility or opportunity? Dr David Cooke, MD, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia


Global corporations were once seen by some as powerful structures driven by the pursuit of profits and operating with no thought to the negative consequences which may result from their consumption of resource materials, manufacturing processes or supply chains.
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Even NBN speeds will require go-faster technology – Brian Grant, Sales Director, Silver Peak Systems


Although the National Broadband Network (NBN) promises rich opportunities for Australia, we must appreciate that it will not represent a cure-all.
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Creativity and innovation – the passport to an international career, John Ridge, ACS Foundation


I met Colombian-born Jose Alvarado at the recent iAwards and his inspiring story tells so comprehensively the potential for our society when it can benefit from the input of those young people whose passion is technological innovation.
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Rob Barrow, Regional Director ANZ, Perceptive Software